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How to Build Your Everyday Carry (EDC)

The items that one carries everyday is definitely a personal decision. Depending on your lifestyle and personal needs the items you carry along with you everyday will be different from person to person. Although there is no absolute requirement for what you must have in your EDC, there are a few useful core items that many frequently cling to. The knife, flashlight, and multi-tool are the first.. But sometimes it is a good idea to do an assessment to determine those items that you may not use all the time, but are good to have in case of an unforeseen event. That is why it is good to plan out, in advance, the items that you want to carry everyday.

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Planning out your everyday carry can be important for a number of reasons:

  1. Preparedness: By carrying the right items with you, you can be better prepared for unexpected situations that may arise during the day, such as a sudden change in weather, a minor injury, or a need to make a quick repair.
  2. Convenience: Having your essential items on hand can make it more convenient to go about your daily activities without having to constantly search for things or make extra trips to retrieve forgotten items.
  3. Efficiency: A well-planned everyday carry can also help you to be more efficient with your time, whether it’s by using a watch to keep track of appointments or having a pen and notepad to quickly jot down important information.
  4. Safety: Certain items, such as a phone, wallet, and keys, are necessary for personal safety and security, and having them on hand can help to prevent potentially dangerous situations.
  5. Comfort: Carrying items that provide comfort, such as hand sanitizer or a handkerchief, can help to make your day more pleasant and hygienic.

Overall, planning out your everyday carry can help to ensure that you have the items you need when you need them, making your daily routine more manageable, efficient, and safe.

There are many items that anyone may find useful to carry with them on a daily basis, depending on their personal needs and preferences. Here are some commonly suggested items:

  1. Wallet: This is a must-have item for carrying IDs, credit cards, and cash. A slim wallet like this one is a good option for someone wanting something with a minimalist design. I have also found Axwell wallets to be both compact and durable.
  2. Phone: In today’s world, a smartphone is essential for staying connected, making calls, texting, and accessing the internet. Having a way to keep in touch with loved ones is always necessary. There are also SOS options and tracking that can be used if you want someone to know where you are.
  3. Keys: Car and house keys are necessary for getting around and accessing one’s home. Sometimes keeping keys organized can be difficult, which is why having neat organized key chain is also a good idea.
  4. Watch: A wristwatch is a convenient way to keep track of time, especially for those who prefer not to rely on their phones.
  5. Pen and notepad: For jotting down quick notes, contact information, or reminders.
  6. Handkerchief: For wiping sweat or cleaning up spills, especially during warmer months.
  7. Pocket knife: With a small, sharp blade can come in handy for opening packages or cutting items. Having a multi-tool with a knife is even more versatile.
  8. Sunglasses: To protect the eyes from the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays.
  9. Earbuds or headphones: For listening to music, podcasts, or making hands-free phone calls. I personally like to use the JBL earbuds. They have great sound and do not fall out of my ears.
  10. Hand sanitizer: With the ongoing pandemic, keeping hands clean and germ-free is more important than ever.
  11. Flashlight: Though most phones have a flashlight built in, it is sometimes a good idea to carry a small light along in case your phone battery is low or if you need to use your phone for something else while needing light.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and some men may choose to carry additional items such as a small flashlight, a multitool, or a portable charger. Ultimately, what one carries in their everyday carry will depend on their individual needs and lifestyle. Although there is no absolute requirement for what you must have in your EDC, there are a few useful “cores” of items that many frequently cling to. The knife, flashlight, and multi-tool trinity is the first.

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