How to Fix a Punctured Car Tire

In addition to knowing how to change a flat tire, it is also important to know how to fix a punctured tire. It is one of the most inconvenient things that could happen when you own a car. When you have to go somewhere and then find that a tire is flat, changing the tire is sometimes the quickest temporary solution to get started. But when you know how to fix a flat tire, it is more effective than driving around on a spare tire.

In this example that I am going to show there is a screw stuck in the tire that is very visible. the puncture is not as easy to find, you can spray the tire with some soapy water to help find the puncture in the tire.

If you have a screw in your tire like this example, you can remove it by using a power drill or a screw driver. If it is a nail, then some needle nose pliers can be used to remove it.

Once you have the screw removed from the tire, you will need to prep the hole using the reamer. Put the reamer in the site of the hole. You’ll need to use some effort to drive this through the steel belts. Push it into the tire while twisting it. When the reamer is all the way through, saw it several times in and out of the tire. One the hole is cleared, you can then insert the plug.

Push the plug through the end of the installer. Then push the plug into the tire till the plug is about 3/4 of the way in. Pull out the installer tool by giving it a 90-degree twist. The tool will easily and smoothly remove while the plug will remain in the tire. The excess plug can be cut out or left to deteriorate while you drive.

Once you have removed the inserter and the plug is left in the tire. You can then cut away the excess.

It is always important keep a portable air compressor and an emergency tire plug repair kit in the toolbox of each car you own. These quick fixes are quite effective, but for a long-lasting fix, you should drive the car as soon as possible to a tire shop for a full fix. They will be aware of the ideal tire repair technique for the damage you have.

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