Great Blogs about Home Maintenance

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When browsing the web, I have found that there are several great resources that provide in formation about home maintenance. Maintenance is important for safety and home value. So it is important that all homeowners are familiar with the basic steps required to keep the home is good shape.

The resources below, provide information about home maintenance as well as ideas for home renovations.

  1. HGTV Remodel is a collection of renovating images intended to inspire you. This is an excellent location to go if you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. You can find home improvement ideas, no matter how big or small your project is.
  2. Both the Do-It-Yourselfer and the curious homeowner can benefit from Hammerzone. Hammerzone can provide answers to many home improvement and repair issues because it is stuffed with useful information on everything from current design trends to comparing roofing estimates to how to replace load-bearing porch timbers.
  3. If you watch any of the DIY Network programs, this website will assist you in learning more about the projects that are featured on TV. The DIY Network gives advice for keeping your home in good shape, from fixing cracked hardwood floors to hiding ceiling stains.
  4. A website dedicated to antique homes is called CIRCA Houses. This website is for you if you love to restore homes to their former splendor, know the difference between a tower and a turret, and wish you could preserve every old door you see. Although it is primarily a site for listing antique homes, their “Circa School” contains many blog pieces that are helpful to buyers and owners of historic properties.
  5. Both professional and amateur home improvement workers can track their progress using NestPix and share their accomplishments with the world. The NestPix app has a creative photo gallery feature that lets you share your efforts while keeping them organized.
  6. American Family Insurance: Home maintenance checklist. The ultimate checklist on this site is a great resource that explains the monthly, biannual, and seasonal checklists.



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