Guide to Installing an Electrical Outlet

holes on white wall with electrical wires

As with any other DIY project, you want to only tackle the tasks that you are comfortable with. Installing an electrical outlet can be done is a few easy steps. As long as you have the right tools and make sure to turn off the main power to the area you are working, accidental shocks will be avoided. Below, you will find a simple guide that you can follow if you are interested in swapping out an electrical outlet, or adding a new one. A great resource to check is the website do-it-yourself-help.com. They have many helpful guides to help you out.

To install an electrical outlet, you will need to follow these basic steps:

  1. Turn off the power to the circuit you will be working on.
  2. Use a voltage tester to ensure that the power is off.
  3. Remove the old outlet, if necessary (sometimes you can take a picture of the wiring to make sure you have a reference for the next steps).
  4. Carefully thread the wires through the holes in the back of the new outlet.
  5. Connect the wires to the new outlet by attaching the black wire to the brass screw, the white wire to the silver screw, and the bare wire to the green screw (see the diagram below).
  6. Carefully push the new outlet back into the electrical box and secure it with the mounting screws.
  7. Turn the power back on and test the outlet to make sure it is working properly.

It is very important to make sure the power is off before working with the wiring to avoid the risk of electric shock or fire. It’s always best to have a professional licensed electrician to do the job to make sure it done safely and according to local regulations.



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  1. Thank you for posting this, I’ve always been afraid of doing electrical and it always seems so complicated I appreciate the fact that you made this understandable and I feel comfortable now with doing this simple tasknow, I was wondering if you have one for ceiling lights or if you could possibly post one for ceiling lights as I love DIY projects and have been updating my home and that’s the next thing I plan on doing is changing out my ceiling lights

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